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Breast augmentation at The Secret Plastic Surgery in Miami

Breast augmentation in Miami, also known to patients as a “breast job” or augmentation mammoplasty, involves the use of silicone breast implants, saline solution, or fat transfer to enhance the breasts and improve appearance. The main goal is to increase the size of the breasts to achieve symmetry.

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What is breast augmentation?

The breast augmentation procedure can restore volume and increase breast size through the placement of saline or silicone implants or fat transfer. Get a rounder breast shape or enhance natural breast size asymmetry, creating a more attractive and balanced figure.

Breast augmentation in Miami is also known to patients as augmentation mammoplasty. This procedure, when performed using fat from another part of the patient’s body to create improved breast volume, is called fat transfer breast augmentation.

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Benefits of breast augmentation surgery in Miami

  • Improve the appearance of breasts
  • Restores breast volume
  • Improve your self-image and self-confidence

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation

  • Physically healthy and you aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Breasts are fully developed
  • Bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small
  • Dissatisfied with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss or with aging
  • Unhappy with the upper part of your breast appearing “empty”
  • Breasts are asymmetrical
  • One or both breasts failed to develop normally or have an elongated shape

How much does breast augmentation cost in Miami?

Breast augmentation cost in Miami varies depending on the type of implants you choose, the size of the implants, the type of incision, and the city in which the procedure is performed. For example, saline implants often cost less than silicone breast implants.

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery ranges from $3,000 to $7,000, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Breast augmentation costs are based on:

  • Surgeon experience
  • Type of procedure used
  • City where the procedure is performed
  • Size of the implants and type of implants chosen saline or silicone.

The Secret Plastic Surgery offers several plastic surgery financing options

Breast augmentation consultation with the surgeon

  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.
  • Family history of breast cancer and results of previous mammograms or biopsies.
  • Examine and measure your breasts, including detailed measurements of your size and shape, the quality of your skin, and the location of your nipples and areolas.
  • Discuss the possible results of breast augmentation and any risks or possible complications.

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Types of breast implants

Patients in their consultation with the surgeon ask you which breast implants will be the most natural for their breast augmentation. Certified surgeons explain that breast implants come in different sizes, shapes, and textures. There are also two options: silicone and saline implants. Finally, the doctor together with the patient will decide which breast implant option is the best.

Saline implants

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Should the implant shell leak, a saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.

Saline implants provide a uniform shape, firmness and feel, and are FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 18 or older. Sizes range from 100-1000 cc. There are them with textured or smooth shells.

Silicone implants

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. The gel feels a bit more like natural breast tissue. If the implant leaks, the gel may remain within the implant shell, or may escape into the breast implant pocket. A leaking implant filled with silicone gel will not collapse.

Silicone breast implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 22 or older. Sizes range from 100-1000 cc. There are them with textured or smooth shells.

Breast Implant Shape

Gummy bear breast implants

Shaped gummy bear breast implants have more projection at the bottom and are tapered towards the top. The consistency of the silicone gel inside the implant is thicker than traditional silicone gel implants. These implants are also firmer than traditional implants. Placement of gummy bear implants requires a slightly longer incision in the skin.

Round breast implants

Round breast implants have a tendency to make breasts appear fuller than form-stable implants. Higher profile options can achieve even more projection. Because round implants are the same shape all over, there is less concern about them rotating out of place.

Preparing for a breast augmentation surgery

  • Get a blood test
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as they can increase bleeding
  • Stop taking recreational drugs, such as cocaine
  • Breast augmentation surgery should be performed in an accredited outpatient or ambulatory surgical center or a hospital. This is for your safety. If your surgeon has an informal setting, he or she may not be a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery process

  1. Anesthesia

    Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

  2. The incision

    Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. You and your plastic surgeon will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome. Incision options include: along the areolar edge (peri-areolar incision), the fold under the breast (inframammary fold) and in the armpit (axillary incision). A belly-button approach is associated with a higher complication rate.

    Periareolar Incision – Inframammary Incision – Transaxillary Incision
    Incisions vary based on the type of breast implant, degree of enlargement desired, your particular anatomy and patient-surgeon preference.

  3. Inserting and placing the breast implant

    A. Under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement)

    B. Directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (a submammary/ subglandular placement)

  4. Closing the incisions

    Incisions are closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue and with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape to close the skin.

  5. See the results

    The results of breast augmentation are immediately visible

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • Formation of tight scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture)
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Persistent pain
  • Poor scarring