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When you need face plastic surgery services, you must turn to a company in Miami that has a track record of providing these services. For many years, we at The Secret Plastic Surgery have been providing our face plastic surgery services to individuals throughout the area who have need them.

At The Secret Plastic Surgery, we decided to bring our face plastic surgery services to the area because of the great experiences we have had in the past. We put our best foot forward and work hard for our customers to achieve great things together.

Our extensive selection of face plastic surgery services feature some of the best research and planning behind them. This broad range of choices is just one of several features that we offer at The Secret Plastic Surgery. Our Miami clients are encouraged to pick the one they deem most beneficial to them.





Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “nose job” or “nose reshaping” by patients, enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery in miami
eyelid surgery in miami

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Surgery can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids or both. Whether you want to improve your appearance or are experiencing functional problems with your eyelids, eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes.

Face Lift Surgery

The deficiency of young forms in the face and neck can be because of an assortment of elements, including heredity, gravity, ecological conditions and stress. A face lift Miami can assist with reestablishing the young structures in the face for a firmer, new confronted look.

face lift surgery in miami
Otoplasty surgery in miami

Otoplasty, better known as the ear reduction procedure, its objective is to reshape and reduce the size of an ear that protrudes excessively. This reduction occurs at the same time that it alleviates the side effects caused by large ears.