dr Bernabe Vázquez plastic surgeon

Dr. Bernabe Vázquez, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bernabe Vazquez, MD, FACS, stands out as one of the premier board-certified plastic surgeons in the Miami area, offering unparalleled expertise in personal physical enhancement. Our guiding philosophy revolves around viewing plastic surgery as an art grounded in scientific principles. Dr. Vazquez and his dedicated care team are devoted to approaching each patient as a unique and creative challenge, employing the latest technological advancements.

The level of attention and care provided to you as a patient by Dr. Bernabe Vazquez is truly exceptional. From the moment you choose to collaborate with Dr. Vazquez, he and his team fully commit to your health, safety, transformation goals, and the success of your procedure. Every individual under the care of Dr. Vazquez experiences this high-level concierge care throughout the duration of their relationship. It’s the reason why many of Dr. Vazquez’s patients return year after year — they genuinely feel like they’re part of a supportive family.

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