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Injectable Botox Miami

Botox Injection at The Secret Plastic Surgery in Miami

Injectable Botox in Miami is a popular injectable that temporarily reduces or eliminates facial fine lines and wrinkles. The Secret Plastic Surgery has specialized in botox obtaining successful results in Miami.

What is the BOTOX injection?

Injectable BOTOX is a popular Miami procedure that temporarily reduces or eliminates fine lines and facial wrinkles. This procedure allows people to maintain a more youthful face. The most frequently treated areas are forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet near the eyes. Several other areas have been treated, such as thick neck bands, thick jaw muscles, lip lines, and gummy smiles.

Botox injections block the muscle in the injected muscle. Without a signal, the muscle can’t be contracted. The end result is just an appearance of undesired facial wrinkles. The Secret Plastic Surgery has many years of experience in botox injections in Miami. Our certified doctors are specialists in fillers and Botox injections.

Benefits of injectable Botox in Miami

The Botox is approved by the FDA for the use of the frown lines and crow’s feet.

  • Smooth crow’s feet
  • Forehead furrows
  • Frown lines
  • Lip lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Diminish neck bands
  • Improve the appearance of skin dimpling of the chin
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Soften a square jawline
  • Correct a gummy smile

Ideal Candidates for Botox injection

One of the most common signs of aging are wrinkles, Smiling, frowning, clenching the eyes and even chewing, basically any facial movement may eventually lead to it. A Botox injection is the quickest and safest solution to eliminate wrinkles.

The injection of Botox in Miami can be combined with other cosmetic treatments for the face, treatments with laser, dermal fillers or microdermabrasion, to improve your results. This combination of therapies can even help prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

How much do Injectable Botox Costs in Miami?

The average cost of Botox injections is $466, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery. We guarantee a much lower cost of treatment with the best results.

The Secret Plastic Surgery offers a cost of unsurpassed Botox injections. The experience of certified surgeons in treatment improves the cost of Botox injections in Miami. Also some factors such as the quantity of the product used and how advanced are the thin lines and the wrinkles, which can define the cost.

Injectable Botox consultation

  • Any past treatment with soft tissue fillers, botox treatment, laser or other minimally invasive facial procedures, as well as any prior facial surgery
  • Discuss your available options depending on how advanced the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Examine and measure your face
  • Take photographs
  • Discuss likely outcomes of using Botox
  • The number of units of botox recommended
  • The longevity of the result

Be sure to ask questions. To help, we have prepared a checklist of questions to ask during your dermal fillers consultation.

How long do the injectable Botox last?

In a few days you will notice the results until you see the full effect of the Botox injection. The cosmetic treatment lasts between 5 to 6 months. To maintain a more youthful face, it is recommended that the treatment be repeated every 6 months.

injectable botox miami

Injectable Botox Risks

After the treatment of wrinkles, you must not massage the treated area, because you can make the botox migrate to the other area of your face.

  • Bruising and pain at the injection site
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Redness
  • Temporary facial weakness or drooping
  • It is very unlikely that the toxin might spread beyond the treatment area